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  • Is money tight right now? Do you have bills you have to pay? Are you planning to buy a new vehicle? Thinking of moving to another country? Need the extra cash? Cash for Cars Las Vegas is here to help you! Everyone knows all cars die eventually and more often than not people get rid of their vehicles as soon as they start breaking down.

    However, why go through the hassle of creating listings and investing in advertisements to sell a car, when you have a one-stop shop available? Our local Las Vegas service will take the suffering and pain out of the car selling process. As a reliable and reputable name in the marketplace, we make selling your car easy as 1 2 3!

    Selling your automobile to us will result in the elimination of all annoying and typical experiences you previously had to go through when getting rid of a car. Our company is proudly committed to offering high-quality customer service, when it comes to buying cars for cash. We have been making customers happy since (insert date of establishment).

    You can trust us to be your true “selling” solution, as we provide you with a convenient, quick, and safe way for selling your vehicle. The best part of all is that WE BUY ALL MAKES AND MODELS! Regardless of the condition, you can receive cash for your vehicle, even if it’s complete junk or has been damaged extensively.

    We specialize in purchasing vehicles directly from the public and providing them some of the best deals, allowing them to get cash instantly and enjoy a hassle-free and time-effective experience when selling a vehicle. For decades, our dedication to paying cash for used cars has proven the fastest and most profitable way to sell your car.

    Our mission

    Our mission is simple! We want to give our customers the ultimate car-selling experience by providing them a one-stop-destination for getting rid of their vehicle. We aim to provide superior customer service and cooperate with all our prospective clients who have been worrying about “How to Sell My Car”, while ensuring they receive a fair price for the automobile they are selling. This guarantees a positive contribution to our community.

    Our Values

    We have reached this far by sticking to our goals or values. Our business strictly believes in continually improving our operations to increase customer satisfaction. We take accountability for all our commitments regarding quality, cash, and results. We believe in excelling, growing, and learning through the latest training, experience, and customer feedback. Most importantly, we believe in respectfulness, integrity, and honesty in all our dealings!


    Who We Are

    We aren’t a business behind the times or an unreliable operation! With years of experience in the automobile marketplace, we are experts at what we do and that is making it easier, convenient, and hassle-free for you to SELL your vehicle and make instant cash out of it. Customer contentment is our foremost priority and we will make sure you are happy with the sale. Our cooperative, certified, and friendly team will treat you fairly and with respect. You will be paid cash for your vehicle with less hassle and great service!


    Where We Are

    We are conveniently located around the Painted Mirage in Las Vegas, serving the city and all surrounding areas. You can stop by at our business location to see how we operate or to sell your car with minimum disruption, hassle, and time-waste to your life. We offer better services than big dealerships that may purchase your car, but force you into putting up with less-than-great customer service, long wait times, and rigid company policies. Bring your car to us, where your patronage will be appreciated and you will feel content!


    What We Buy?

    We buy any type of automobile. We purchase used, salvage, damaged, and junk vehicles. We also buy plenty of good running vehicles. The condition of the vehicle doesn’t matter to us and we can handle all types of sales. Even insurance companies, charities, auto auctions, private parties, and tow companies can sell their old and junk vehicles to us. We buy all makes and models of cars, regardless of whether they are running or not. So, drive to your nearest location or contact us to receive a quick, fair offer for your automobile and use that cash for something useful!

    Sell Multiple Vehicles

    If you regularly have multiple vehicles to sell, you might be a good fit for our “Sell Multiple Vehicles” program. Our company has formed strong partnerships with a number of reputable vendors (who are always looking for more). We can constantly provide the parts used from the vehicle you sell to help in the process of recycling. Once you agree to the program and everything is set up, we will call you regularly to bid on the inventory of the available vehicles for sale.

    We Help the Environment


    What do we do with the vehicles we purchase? The answer is simple: we recycle them! As soon as we buy your vehicle, depending on its condition, it is either repaired or all (or at least most) of its parts are recycled. Recycled parts can be purchased as a cost-effective and sustainable alternative to purchasing from retail stores. There are plenty of components and accessories in a vehicle that can be refurbished to promote a greener environment. Among these are compressors, alternators, and radiators, all of which are sold for remanufacturing.

    Many vehicle fluids, like antifreeze, gasoline, and oil are recycled from the vehicles we buy. Nonferrous and ferrous metals are sold for reprocessing and using in new products. All these actions result in the reduction of manufacturing processes in creating new products, saving plenty of energy and raw materials.

    All our recycling practices are GREEN and exceed all federal guidelines. With our extensive experience in the car buying, repairing, and recycling industry, we have implemented plenty of thorough and rigorous policies for managing hazardous materials. When all these efforts are taken into account, selling your car and recycling or refurbishing its parts is the greener option for getting rid of your old car. It also reduces the costs and expenses related to new materials for production, which keeps the prices of various components, parts, and accessories at a reasonable level.

    Our Guiding Principles

    Our company is strict regarding the rules and principles it follows. Among our many guiding principles, the most important is integrity. We believe integrity is a core value of every relationship. This is why we try our level best to treat investors, suppliers, partners, employees, and (most importantly) customers with the utmost integrity, respect, and fairness.

    From day one, our employees are instructed and guided to be friendly, cooperative, and ethical in all their business dealings. We make it a clear point this shouldn’t be done just sometimes, but always! Therefore, when you decide to bring your business to us and sell your car for instant cash, you can rest assured that:

    • We never compromise on our values.
    • We do the right thing, for the right reasons.
    • We come through on all our promises and guarantees.
    • When we make mistakes, we will acknowledge them, learn for them, and not repeat them.
    • We are transparent, honest, straightforward in our communications at all times.
    • We will fulfill our commitments.
    • We only work with the best companies that lay strict emphasis on ethical business-operation.

    How Does the Process Work?

    step 1

    Call us at (702) 749-4749. Our company is open 7 days a week, so you can rest assured you will be able to talk to one of our representatives, who will guide you through the selling process.

    step 2

    Our representative will ask you to tell us a little about the vehicle you are selling. We will ask you some questions in relation to the condition of the car so we can make an offer. What’s the mileage? Is it still running? Has it undergone any damage?

    step 3

    Once you answer all these questions, we will quote you a price for the vehicle. Using our experience, you can feel assured that you will receive a great and reasonable value for your car. (We don’t make any strict promises that we will pay you more cash than other buyers).

    step 4

    After you have agreed on the price, we will decide on a location to tow away the car for free (if it isn’t running). If appropriate, you can directly stop by our office right here in Las Vegas.

    step 5

    We do a quick analysis on the vehicle’s condition and pay you the cash, ensuring the selling experience is fast, quick, and convenient for you. There are no hidden costs and neither do we charge for towing.

    How Does the Process Work?

    So, how do we come up with a price quote for your vehicle? Well, let’s take a look below to find out. (Bear in mind that if the car you describe on call is any different from what its condition is in real life, it will be reflected on the price quote). Accepting the offer is up to YOU, but you can feel assured to receive a good deal!

    Determine the Condition – Before we give you a price quote, our experienced car mechanic/customer representative asks you questions regarding the condition of the vehicle. We need to know the exact level of damage to the body, whether the vehicle is running perfectly fine, or if it is giving any mechanic trouble. If any of these are true, we will gauge the extent of these damages, which will affect the pricing quote of your car.

    The Mileage – If your vehicle is in running condition, we will need to gain details regarding the mileage it offers. The less wear the vehicle has been through, the lower miles it can offer on a gallon of petrol. If the mileage your car offers is low, we will certainly make sure to consider that in the value of your car.

    Resale Value– Apart from examining the condition of your vehicle and the mileage it offers, our price quotes are based on the resale value of your car. If the make/model you have is a popular one or a few years old, you can feel assured to get more cash for it. On the other hand, if your vehicle is a 10-year old model with no resale value – that will be reflected into its price.

    Benefits of Using Our Cash for
    Cars Service!

    Speedy Service– We make it possible for sellers to get rid of their cars quickly and earn instant cash. This eliminates the hassle for you to post ads, create listings, and then wait for days, weeks, or even months until you find a seller. With our service, you just call us and sell your vehicle (often within a few hours).

    We Buy Any Car–Yes, you read that right! We buy all makes and models, be it from any brand, regardless of its condition. From nice cars, second-hand, junk cars, to damaged cars, you can sell any automobile to us and we will pay you the appropriate amount for it. Plus, we service all of the Las Vegas, Nevada area. Additionally, our staff members are very friendly and if you happen to be from another state they can use their extensive connections and place you in touch with another car buying service like Cash For Cars Co who work around the nation to buy cars.

    Safe and Secure – Your personal vehicle purchasing agent will guide you through the quick and easy process and answer any and all questions you might have. You only deal with a licensed and trusted service, rather than some stranger who saw an ad online.

    Why Choose Our Company?

    Forget trying the rest and sell your automobile to the best in Las Vegas! It’s no use paying for advertisements, shelling out money for repairs, or scheduling inconvenient viewings. Cash for Cars Las Vegas is your one-stop destination for selling your sedan, pickup truck, SUV, crossover, coupe, compact, subcompact or any other type of vehicle. One call is all it takes to sell us your vehicle within a day!