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  • “I want to sell my car, but how can I get a good price?” This is a common question from all those individuals who want to get rid of their car. And to be honest, getting a great deal on your vehicle can often prove a tricky, complex, and lengthy experience. Often, you might not even be able to sell your car, and it continues to depreciate in value!

    But, why waste time when you can visit us? With years of experience in the automobile market, we value your vehicle based on its condition and current market value, giving you an appropriate rate and instant cash upon agreement. The process can be completed within a matter of hours, from the moment you first visit our location or call us.

    Best part of all: you can sell any and every type of vehicle you want, regardless of its condition. We buy all types of makes and models, running or not. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if your car is completely damaged, working improperly, or in junk-condition. If you want to sell it, we are your one-stop-shop to getting rid of your car instantly at a good price!

    From sedans, coupes, minivans, SUVs, crossovers, compacts, convertibles, subcompacts, RVs, pickup trucks, and hatchbacks, you can sell us any type of vehicle from any brand, be it Ford, Jeep, Dodge, RAM, Chrysler, Chevrolet, Honda, Suzuki, Toyota, General Motors, KIA, or Tesla. We guarantee we’ll make you an offer regardless of your vehicle’s age, mileage, and condition.

    We Buy Cars from hundreds of customers every week from our main branch in Las Vegas. With our premium buying service, you can sell your car and get cash-in-hand within the hour, eliminating the stress related to selling and allowing you to get rid of your vehicle with confidence. So, if you have a vehicle to sell, don’t hesitate on contacting us or visiting us.

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    Get a Valuation

    Once you call us at (702) 749-4749) and provide us information regarding your vehicle, its condition, age, make, and model. We will value your car in less than 60 seconds using the current market value, condition, and age. After that, we will give you a fair quote.


    Book Your Appointment

    If you accept the quote, our car buying service is quick and incredibly convenient. We can come to your location and take the car from you by paying you cash. If possible, you can visit our location in Las Vegas to get rid of the vehicle ASAP.


    Sell Your Car

    Regardless of the car you bring, you can rest assured you will be able to sell it for a good price. Junk, trash, damaged, or not running, we will still buy it from you. This is perfect for people who are looking to put the money towards a new vehicle or need some extra cash.

    Why Choose Cash for Cars Las Vegas?

    Instant and Quick Way to Sell– Our expertise and knowledge with all types of cars makes it easier for us to give you reasonable price quotes. You can get rid of your car instantly for cash by a simple phone call.

    Safe and Secure– You deal with a trusted and licensed service that has years of experience in the marketplace with regards to buying vehicles of all types.

    Green Choice– Getting rid with your car using our service means you are making an effective change in the environment. All of our processes involving junk cars are GREEN.